2.4.1 base.lists.ul Unordered list

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The <ul> element is a list of items in which the order does not explicitly matter.

  • Sit Ullamcorper Ultricies
  • Tortor
  • Mollis
  • Dolor
    • Cursus
    • Cras
    • Pellentesque
    • Egestas Sem
  • Cursus Malesuada
  • Fermentum Tellus
Markup: 01-base/lists/ul.twig
  <li>Sit Ullamcorper Ultricies</li>
      <li>Egestas Sem</li>
  <li>Cursus Malesuada</li>
  <li>Fermentum Tellus</li>
Source: 01-base/lists/_lists.scss, line 7