2.4.2 base.lists.ol Ordered list

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The <ol> element is a list of items in which the order does explicitly matter.

  1. Sit Ullamcorper Ultricies
  2. Tortor
  3. Mollis
  4. Dolor
    1. Cursus
    2. Cras
    3. Pellentesque
    4. Egestas Sem
  5. Cursus Malesuada
  6. Fermentum Tellus
Markup: 01-base/lists/ol.twig
  <li>Sit Ullamcorper Ultricies</li>
      <li>Egestas Sem</li>
  <li>Cursus Malesuada</li>
  <li>Fermentum Tellus</li>
Source: 01-base/lists/_lists.scss, line 16